UA Interfaith, better known across campus as Bama Faith, is the hub for the diverse faith community that is housed at The University of Alabama.

Bama Faith helps provide an on-campus connection point with local religious organizations which are registered through The Source, which provides resources, support, and recognition for student organizations on campus through Student Involvement.

Bama Faith, under the leadership of the Dean of Students, works to create a visible faith fabric at the University and be a witness to the way in which the world’s religions both enhance their communities and work together.

The goal of Bama Faith is to help students explore the diverse religions represented on campus and find faith development as part of their education process. With nearly 30 organizations represented, there are a multitude of ways for students to connect and explore their faith. There are other religious traditions represented in the Tuscaloosa area beyond these listed. For more information, please inquire at

UA Interfaith Vision Statement:

UA Interfaith offers students a safe, robust, diverse faith environment in which they may be exposed to the rich diversity of faith expressions, discover their own spiritual and religious identity, live out their faith in responsible, consistent, authentic ways, and find both freedom and opportunity to share their faith insights and convictions respectfully in such a way that their collegiate experience shapes their lives and influences the world.