The University of Alabama is committed to excellence in a teaching/learning environment dedicated to serve a diverse and well-prepared student body, to promote high levels of student achievement, and to provide appropriate academic support services. In line with this commitment, the University addresses all written student complaints in a fair, professional, and timely manner and in accordance with established procedures.

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Academic and Final Grade Grievances

Students who believe academic actions have unjustly affected them should file a grievance in written form, presenting the facts and circumstances that are the basis for the academic grievance, with the department chairperson in the academic department (academic department is a phrase that also refers to academic program or area, if these terms apply) in which the alleged action took place. Examples of academic grievances include, but are not limited to, allegations of unfairness in grading, alleged violation of a written or oral agreement with a student (e.g. course requirements for graduation), and alleged inconsistent applications of existing policies. For a protest of a final course grade or other final comprehensive evaluations to be considered, the protest MUST be based upon one or more of the following grounds and upon allegation that the ground or grounds cited influenced the grade assignment to the student’s detriment:

Grievances related to course grades normally should be filed during the semester in which the alleged action takes place, but such protest must be made not later than the last day of classes of the next succeeding regular semester. For more information about the Academic Grievance process, including how to submit a written grievance by email, please refer to APPENDIX D: UNIVERSITY-WIDE ACADEMIC GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES in the Faculty Handbook.