If you are considering attending The University of Alabama as part of the National Student Exchange, we want to be the first to welcome you! There are so many exciting opportunities and programs at the Capstone. You will make lifelong memories and experience the tradition and pride for which The University of Alabama is known.

Here are the steps you need to take to join us here at UA:

  • PAF — Contact your home coordinator to ensure that your PAF has been sent to UA, so that we can confirm you attendance at UA for your exchange.
  • Application — Complete the application process for admissions. When you log in select “Undergraduate Admissions”. During the application process you will be asked to choose a program type and it is very important that you select “National Student Exchange.” Email nse@ua.edu after you have completed the application process.
  • After you have been admitted you will be assigned a Campus Wide Identification Number (CWID). You will have to have this number in order to manage your affairs while here at UA.
  • Official Transcript — As soon as possible, have your records office send a copy of your official transcript to:
    • Dr. Stacy L. Jones, The University of Alabama, Box 870298, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0298
  • NSE Activity Fee — There is a $50 National Student Exchange activity fee per semester. Make checks payable to The University of Alabama. Send your payment to:
    • Dr. Stacy L. Jones, The University of Alabama, Box 870298, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0298
  • Registration — After you have applied and been accepted you will receive a notice from the University that you have been accepted. When you receive this notification, register for classes.
  • Housing options
    • On Campus — As a National Student Exchange participant, you must first contact Housing and Residential Communities at housing@ua.edu. When you email HRC, be sure to indicate that you are a National Student Exchange student requesting on-campus housing. An HRC staff member will contact you with additional instructions on how to apply. If you have additional questions or issues, please contact our office at 205-348-6676. For general information about our residence halls visit the housing website.
    • Off Campus – For information about student apartment complexes geared toward UA students to the Off Campus Housing website.
  • Financial Aid — If you are requesting financial aid and you are on Plan A, make sure that you have completed the current year’s FASFA form listing The University of Alabama. The FAFSA code number for The University of Alabama is 001051. It is very important that you also list your home school on the FAFSA. For general questions concerning the FAFSA, you may go to the FAFSA website.
  • Medical Records — Before you begin classes your medical record information must be received by The University of Alabama Student Health Center and Pharmacy.
  • Student Email Account — You will be issued a Crimson email account. Once you have your account, all communication from our office as well as all communication from the University will be sent to this new email account. It is important for you to check this email frequently. Failure to check your email regularly could result in missed deadlines and confusion regarding the status of your transfer.