As part of the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, The Dean’s Team (DT) is a dedicated group of student leaders and change agents who are interested in fostering a safe, inclusive, and engaging campus environment. To assist in educating students on the role of the Dean of Students and the various programs and services offered within the Dean’s portfolio, members of the Dean’s Team plan fun, educational, and developmental outreach programs and activities for the University of Alabama student community.

Students involved in the Dean’s Team are considered peer resources to all UA Students and work to remove barriers to student involvement, engagement, and overall well-being. In addition, members of the Dean’s team assist in facilitating awareness and outreach presentations and participate in peer to peer advising and mentoring through their support of the Office of Student Care and Well-Being. Dean’s Team members are also trained in Restorative Justice facilitation and assist in addressing peer to peer and/or community conflict with the goals of building a more affirming and inclusive UA Community.


Members of the Dean’s Team will:

  • Advise the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students on campus concerns or opportunities to transform the campus climate and/or student experience
  • Coordinate awareness and outreach presentations
  • Support the Office of Student Care and Well-Being by providing 1:1 or small group peer to peer advising
  • Serve as Restorative Justice Facilitators in an effort to build an inclusive and affirming campus climate
  • Plan inclusive and collaborative campus programming

Team Structure

The Dean’s Team is advised by the Dean of Students and the Office of the Dean of Students Graduate Assistant. The Dean’s Team will be lead by two paid student directors and four paid student coordinators who will collaboratively lead one of the four departments. Each department will be comprised of up to 20-25 student leader volunteers who will have the responsibility of coordinating their department’s respective programs activities, training, programs, and initiatives.

The four departments include:

  1. The Collaborative Programs and Activities Department work with other campus departments to develop activities and programs that provide opportunities for students to interact with fellow peers and the Dean of Students while learning more about campus resources and approaches to building a stronger UA Community.
  2. The Campus Outreach Department manages campus outreach educational programs and presentations that seek to teach students about the programs and services within the Office of the Dean of Students; in addition to various other topics that can assist students in their overall academic and personal success.
  3. The Peer to Peer Advising Department will work closely with the Dean of Students to provide peer to peer advising for students through the Office of Student Care and Well-Being. Students in this department will hold scheduled office hours weekly where their peers can drop in or schedule a time to meet and discuss various issues as it pertains to their overall experience at UA.
  4. The Campus Inclusivity and Climate Department focuses on hosting training, activities, and speakers that seek to increase their peers’ awareness, knowledge, and skills around areas of diversity and inclusion, with a focus on intersectionality. Members of this department will also be trained in Restorative Justice (RJ) facilitation and lead RJ circles in an effort to build a stronger and more vibrant intercultural campus community.


The Dean’s Team (DT) is open to all UA undergraduate students in good standing with the university. However, selection into the Dean’s Team (DT) is based on a self, peer, or faculty/staff nomination.

Preference will be given to students who exemplify a personal interest and commitment to fostering a campus environment that is safe, inclusive, and affirming for all members of the campus community. Those interested should have advanced knowledge of the university and should be comfortable with:

  • working in teams
  • speaking and presenting in front of groups
  • planning and coordinating programs and activities
  • advising peers on low-level conflicts or personal areas of distress

Students with a background in event planning, marketing, and advertising, social justice, peer to peer mentoring, small group facilitation and advising are encouraged to submit a nomination.

Nominate a student using the online nomination form. Students, use the self nomination form to nominate yourself. All nominations are due by Friday, September 13, 2019 at 5 p.m. CST. For more information, please email